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Beginning June 2022, solar customers will begin paying higher monthly charges due to the Net Billing Tariff (NEM 3.0) and the new $5.00 kW Grid Participation ChargeFor the next four (4) months, our NEM 3.0 help desk will be available to answer questions from current and new solar customers about the Net Billing Tariff and Grid Participation Charge. We will also discuss ways to minimize those charges such as pairing a solar PV system with a home battery or adding solar panels to an existing PV system to offset the charging cost of a new EV or the addition of a central air system.  

Due to the CPUC's decision to limit the financial incentives for homeowners to install a solar PV system, we are advising new and current solar customers to opt out of NEM 3.0 and instead install a self-consuming system. These private rooftop systems are designed so all that all of the electricity produced by the solar PV system is used in the home and customers are not compensated for exporting surplus solar energy to the grid. With a traditional solar PV system, if the panels produce more electricity than is needed, the extra power is sent to the electric grid for net metering credits.

Patrick Hagan
Solar Cruz Energy Consultants

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